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John Benevento & charter boat fishing

John Benevento has a long history with water and fishing. He spent much of his youth fishing in Wellington, Florida, where he grew up. Wellington is a coastal village in West Palm Beach, known for world-class equestrian events and charter boat fishing.

John explains, “Wellington’s the kind of place where you can fish for an entire week and never use the same strategy. There’s something for everyone to enjoy - from landing a 200-pound pelagic tuna fish on the rough sea to pulling in equally spirited smallmouth bass in calm waters.”

In 2022, John Benevento will be launching Bow Down Charters, a small fishing boat charter company that will be named after his boat, Bow Down. Its patrons will be able to choose the species of fish they wish to target, including:






Mahi Mahi

Various shark species

Diving deeper into the fishing in and around Wellington, John elaborates, “Snook and Redfish can be found in the water around Wellington almost year-round. If you head north toward the Palm Beach Inlet, you’ll find loads of reef fish like Grouper, Amberjack, Hogfish, and Snapper. And if you like to fight big fish, you can travel just a few knots offshore to tangle with Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, and Tuna.”

John Benevento currently lives in New Jersey where he is already chartering fishing tours on a part-time basis. He targets Tautog, Summer Flounder, and Bluefish in the Shark River, which is an estuary that feeds into the Atlantic Ocean between Avon-by-the-Sea and Belmar.

He also targets Sea Bass, Perogies, Bluefish, and even Albacore Tuna in the Manasquan Inlet. John explains, “There is a near-constant flow of various fish types in the Manasquan Inlet. It’s so unique because it changes its offerings season-to-season and day-to-day within each season. Everyone loves fishing here!”

US Coast Guard Masters License

Captain John Benevento holds a Master’s License from the US Coast Guard, a distinction that few earn. It’s the highest level of seaman’s license that can be acquired.

A USCG Master’s License enables the licensee to operate inspected and uninspected vessels up to 100 Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT) with more than six passengers, including water taxis and dive boats.

The prerequisites for obtaining this advanced seaman's license are rigorous, including:

720 days of service on steam, motor, or auxiliary sail vessels in oceanic or coastal waters

360 days of service on steam, motor, or auxiliary sail vessels on the Great Lakes or inland waters

360 days of service on steam, motor, or auxiliary sail vessels in river waters

Captain John Benevento understands and appreciates the intricate nuances of operating a commercial vessel.

He explains, “Captaining a vessel with passengers is serious business. Although my passengers are having thrilling times and enjoying themselves, it’s my sworn duty to be aware of conditions that could endanger them. You can never let your guard down, even in calm waters.”

John Benevento as a parking management professional

John Benevento completed his advanced education at Florida State University in Tallahassee. He now serves as Vice President of Park Operations for AmeriPark, a full-service boutique parking company serving the US and Puerto Rico.

AmeriPark offers valet parking and other parking services to multiple industry types, including:

Mixed-use and multi-use facilities

Entertainment complexes

Residential buildings

Medical centers

Office buildings

Retail centers



As a Regional Director at AmeriPark, John Benevento helps to recruit and manage more than 1500 employees in more than 20 states plus Puerto Rico.

Concerning his professional responsibilities at AmeriPark, John explains, “To me, effective leadership is a combined focus of knowledge, negotiation, interpersonal skills, and management. Business development is about seeing the big picture of the future, and taking both subtle and overt action to manifest it.”

John Benevento’s dedication to charitable causes

John Benevento is a regular and generous supporter of Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Although he doesn’t like to talk about it publicly, John had an unusually tough childhood. He continues donating to Saint Jude so that other children might have more contented lives. John has also allocated 3% of gross sales for Bow Down Charters to charitable causes and organizations to be determined

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